Supreme Khadka

Manasalu has a team of highly dedicated management, renowned and education enthusiasts, experienced and leading academic professionals in achieving 100% result in SEE examination.
Various teaching approaches are adopted in order to strengthen the students physically, mentally, socially as well as emotionally to enhance the holistic development of students. The unconditional support, care and guidance of teachers have aroused never quenching thirst of knowledge to the students. Manasalu has been putting the best feet forward for widening the horizon of knowledge and has provided the required skills to nurture the interest of students and inspire them to live meaningful life.
Hence, all educational attempts of Manasalu has facilitated the students to feel the warmth of knowledge and motivate their efficiency. Instead of locking the students within the narrow confinement of classroom Manasalu has prepared cozy classroom which is the world outside the narrow classroom.
Therefore, the quality of education has influenced the students to live a meaningful life and to make them realize that living should not be just adding years to life but should be adding life to the years.

Class: XI Science