Andila Sapkota

I joined a big Manasalu Family and became its small part since grade One. I spent 10 most valuable and precious years of my life here at Manasalu. I found these 10 years journey too short and never felt disappointed on the way. It was my golden opportunity to be a member of Manasalu. I got a new world here. The teachers I met here always supported and encouraged me to do something new every day. The friends I met here always helped me in my need and brought smile in my face every day. I was an innocent child when I entered Manasalu and it is Manasalu who taught me about the world and made me know who I am. So, I am very grateful to Manasalu School and the teachers. Thank you, Manasalu for making me your one of the passengers in your journey and teaching me the valuable essence of life. I am sure that not only me but the whole students out here are respectful at you and yours contributions upon them. I hope Manasalu will do its job continuously and produce new man power which is essentials to the country.
I am missing those wonderful days at Manasalu.
Best of luck for your future.

Andila Sapkota
Nepal Topper (4.00 GPA)
SEE Batch 2074