Anuska Thapa

Guided by the motto “Everyone is ignorant only in different subjects” and situated in Nayabazar a beautiful locality of the metropolitan city of Kathmandu with ward no. 16. Manasalu Public Secondary school was established in the year 2059 B.S and has successfully completed 15 years long tenure. From the date of its establishment it is still trying its best to prove itself as one of the qualified and competent educational institute of overall Kathmandu valley. Fortunately, it has also become successful in doing so facing many obstacles and ups and down in the long run. It’s a matter of great pleasure to all the members of Manasalu family that Manasalu School has become able to create a unique identity of its own as a perfect destination for all those learners who seek for good education and bright future. This goodwill of Manasalu School is undoubtedly a most valuable asset of it.
Being one of the students of this institute, I feel proud. Now, I am in the secondary grade of this school i.e in grade 10. I was first admitted to this school in grade 7. Before that, I used to study in another school of Lalitpur district. When I first came into this school, I felt very uncomfortable and regretted at myself thinking why I just changed my school. But at now, I am feeling that I should not have thought like that because I have become familiar with everything and a sense of closeness towards Manasalu has also developed on me. Now, I do feel that I am very lucky to be a part of this school. I got chance to learn many things and gather a lot of experiences from my school within the short time period of only 3 years i.e when I was newly admitted here to till date.
Here, I would like to share some of the positive traits about Manasalu which I have known so far:
• Manasalu has a very good teaching learning environment perfect for those who want to carry out their teaching profession as a teacher on one hand and on the other hand for those students who want to learn and get education.
• It is well equipped with all sorts of facilities and guided by an excellent motto ‘Everyone is ignorant only in different subjects’.
• Well qualified teachers having an excellent teaching methodology effective for any group of students.
• Provision of science lab, computer lab, hostel and library for overall development of students.
• Organizes various extracurricular activities and other programmes and allows students to participate in it for their own benefits in a big hall for student’s comfort.
• Gives full concentration on the students and parents satisfaction by organizing student welfare programmes and teachers-parents meet as well.
As a whole Manasalu is fully devoted to the prosperity of the society and its people.