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Welcome to Manasalu Public Secondary School

Manasalu public Secondary school is a well-established educational institute with crystal vision of quality education so as to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. It was established in 2002 AD by a group of well experience educationists under the management of Manasalu Educational Institute Pvt. Ltd. It endeavours to combine comprehensive, scientific, integrated moral educational, it friendly modulated by human values. School is perused its goal of academic excellence, the overall development of the students the talents on the extra-curricular activities and co-curricular activities and formation of character. It has achieved an impressive growth and recognition since it’s’ establishment as one of the reputed members among the private schools. It has been continuously working on achieving the goal of professionals and physical facilities. It’s very clean; unless and until the students are strong in their education standard they can’t develop fully in their lives. It is proudly assured that this institution has strived hard to fulfill its goal of each child graduating from Manasalu is well prepared to face up to the challenges that lie ahead with confidence, discipline, efficient, caring attitude and decision making ability. The goal of school is to create global citizens who create an impact on the society by contributing dynamically through their intellectuality and righteousness of their decisions. The dedicated staff that has emerged as one of the best educational institutions with a record number of students having graduated from ideal and with an excellent academic track record in a short glimpse.

Education, an enlightment or a beam of light in a human life, is considered as an essential ornament for a nation advancement, civilization and multi-sectoral development. Realizing the fact MPS was established with 240 students and 21 staffs at its commencement in a rented building, the institution had lots of obstacles to accelerate further since the founders were not economically sound enough to invest. Besides it, lack of lab, library, own school building, spacious playground and so on where it’s additional short comings. The school was not in position to pay its staffs with alluring/convincing amount. In spite of these living realities, the institution was on the way to pave a better highway and meet its ambitions, objectives.  Who would deny the fact that the school has achieved unprecedented goals within a short span of decade after coming to know that it has about 1300 students’, 85 staffs, own newly built school building with spacious playground and all sorts of physical facilities. Unlike it’s time of establishment the school has been able to build up its own building with 56 rooms along with spacious playground (i.e. Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton Courts) well facilitated computer lab, science lab, audio visual class, Manasalu auditorium hall, dance hall, music hall and the other facilities have been our peculiarities. The commencement of class 11 & 12 in Science & Management and future ambition of turning it into a University is the points of confidence gained form its achievement. Within a short span the physical infrastructures as maintained are some of the clues of its bright future. Frequent health checkup, well purified drinking water, peaceful locations are our additional benefits or amenities.

To promote the students co-curricular and extra-curricular efficiency and help for their all-round development, ECA department has been actively lunching various activities, club’s concepts are developed. Mainly sixteen clubs are main clubs and next eight are auxiliary clubs. Main clubs are basketball, martial arts, football, IT, scout, badminton, arts and crafts and dance club. The auxiliary clubs are music, calligraphy, drama and creative writing, table tennis, IQ, oratory, foreign language, maths club. Level wise intra and inter house competitions 100% participation of the students is worth noticing. The school has been highly successful in these domains as well because our product has got lots of opportunities both at home and abroad.  So we claim, we provide quality education which fulfills the demands of new era and changing education scenario. It is committed to double the achievements because the school now is administratively, physically and academically sound enough. We assure the school will gain more popularity and give more emphasis on extra-curricular activities since our students are brilliant and they proved excellence in various inter school ECA events.

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Why Choose us?


It is important for all parents and well-wishers to know that their investments are used efficiently and effective on their children’s education. Therefore the school has maintained most of the school facilities with moderate fee charges. The school, so far as has made available to it’s students with number of bus facilities. The school bus especially around Swayambhu, Radhakrishn, Raniban,  Bhohoratar, Banasthali, Chamati, Samakhusi, Sheshmati, Goldhunga, Nepaltal, Lolang, Dharmasthali, Baniyatar, Jarankhu, Paiyutar and many other places of Tarkeshwor Municipality, Nagarjun Municipality, Tokha Municipality and Various Wards of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. There are the teachers and helpers in the buses for students help.


“A sound body leads to a sound mind” keeping this in mind, the various activities are launching in the school such as scout, Arts and Crafts, Dance, Music, Poem and Quiz, Drama and Creative writing competition, Oratory, Dialogue and Debate Competition, Mathematical mind test, IT club and others from the clubs’ concept, students take their participation from Sunday to till Friday in every weeks.


In a continued quest to impart practical education, Manasalu strives in training and exposing students mind through professional musicians in every week regularly. Basic level students take their participation in their clubs. Dance and Music instructors train the students. This makes the students refreshed about their own lives and they know about the sense of the glamorous world.


To empower the students the school organizes different capacity and leadership building programmes and sports such as Futsal, Basketball, TT, Badminton, High Jump, Long Jump, Relay Race, Scout, Martial Arts, Volleyball, Cricket to keep the students physically fit and mentally alert. The sports week launches in APF club in end of the academic session. These sorts of programmes are incorporated as a part of the curriculum in order to provide a broad and balanced education.


School has provided an ample opportunity to every students to quench their desire of knowledge and skills. It is the fore front of the education in terms of quality education. The students have achieved and excelled in various fields nationally and internationally because of the relentless strive to deliver quality education. Well-equipped science lab is fully supportive for the practical learning. Students feel privileged in the spacious and well-equipped lab with the lab assistant. Our child centered approach, thematic and activity based teaching learning is fruitful from the modern science lab. Maximum no. of students are taking their higher studies in science faculty.


The school library is integral to the teaching and learning process. To run independent learning programs, which integrate information resources and technologies. Equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in a constantly changing technological, social and economic environment. The purpose of a school library is to provide a flexible space with a wide and inclusive range of resources to support learning and teaching throughout the school to have a vibrant role in the development of a culture that promotes wider reading motivated readers and learners for life, school library is the place where large collections of academic books are kept. These books are made available to the students to increase their knowledge and understanding on various subjects. It plays the great role in the life of a student. It is the storehouse of knowledge. The school library is an essential part of a school. The teaching learning process will be lack-luster without a good library. So the school has established well managed library with a librarian for the students.